Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dollhouse Makeover

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I was reminded of two things over Spring Break:
  1. How much I really DISLIKE painting
  2. How much I LOVE doing things for my sweet girl

As our Spring Break date grew near, I was thinking how great it would be to do something creative and crafty with my hands and to take a break from all my computer work. Hmmm, let's paint that dollhouse we got from Goodwill like 3 years ago.

The planning and picking out is always so fun. I let my daughter pick the paint color - she chose the lovely New Grass Green.

The painting part is always not so fun. It always takes longer than planned and it's messy. I so don't like the whole paint, let it dry, paint, let it dry, paint, let it dry process. I start to get a wee bit antsy after like the first hour. ;)

Sandpaper wasn't really working on the red, wooden tub, so I had to pull out some old, gloopy primer. I couldn't even get it to mix up all the way. Grrrr. Primer is sticky and smelly and yucky and not to mention an extra step. I decided to skip the primer altogether on the dollhouse and hope for the best. Semi gloss on super smooth white boards - oh, boy.

Using a roller helped tremendously, but I still had to slap on 4 coats of paint! Shiloh helped paint the roof, but I did the rest. It may have taken me all week, but the dollhouse and Lego tub turned out pretty swell. And I love that the mistakes don't show in the pics!!

My girl is happy. Which makes me happy. Which makes it all worth it. :)

However, next time any of you who happen to be my friends or people who truly care about my sanity hear me talking about a paint project, please, please remind me of how much I DO NOT like to paint!! Or better yet, just offer to do it for me. ;)

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