Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lincoln The Ring Bearer

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Sorry, I couldn't resist.

On Valentine's Day, while Lincoln and Shiloh were planting pea seeds, I found the One Ring buried under layers of dry soil. We've had this ring forever; it came in a board game - LOTR Trivial Pursuit, perhaps? Anyway, it's the same ring we used to play Hide-n-Seek-the-One-Ring for Mullin's 5th birthday party. *Sigh* Eons ago.

Sentimental, yes. And how it ended up in a garden box, I will never know. Glad we found it, but now it's a bit corroded. I guess this is how the real One ring should have looked after spending, what, 500 years at the bottom of a lake?

Well, never will our One Ring be lost again thanks to a little sister who loomed a chain. ;)  (What can you NOT make with Rainbow Loom?)

Wear it well, Lincoln, and may the odds be ever in your favor. (Oh wait, different story.)

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