Monday, March 03, 2014

Who Would've Thought Chemistry and Physics Could Be Fun?

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I pretty much loathed chemistry in high school, but it was a required class. The teacher constantly messed up. Bless her heart, I think she hated teaching chemistry as much as I hated taking it. Biology was her specialty. NOT chemistry. As for physics, I don't even think I took that class. I like science as long as math isn't involved. :)
I was skeptical about teaching learning chemistry and physics with my elementary child, but Apologia has been great! I reviewed this book last November and was impressed. We've been continuing with Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics since the review. We are now half way through the book having even more fun. I thought I'd share a couple of recent experiments that my daughter enjoyed.
In this one with the egg, I was really preparing myself for a big mess like a busted egg and maybe even a busted glass. But no! Everything went according to plan. I love successful experiments cuz we have been known to bomb on some.

I so remember doing this when I was a kid. I even did it with a huge bucket of crayons. Round and round I'd go. And to think I could have counted it as a physics experiment. Who knew?

In all honesty, there are just some things that are still kind of boring about chemistry and physics, but thank you, Jeannie K. Fulbright, for making chemistry and physics bearable and even fun. ;) Hopefully, my daughter will have an easier time of it if she takes it again in high school.

What are your favorite ways to teach these subjects? Anyone absolutely love chemistry or physics?

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