Saturday, March 29, 2014

Surprise Visit and Other 40th Birthday Stuff

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For my husband's 40th birthday, I had to keep a secret for over 3 months! (I let the kids in on it, too.) Boy was I glad when the morning of March 21st arrived. I expelled the biggest sigh of relief ever when I heard the doorbell ring at 8:15 a.m.. When I opened the door, there stood my husband's dad and stepmom, the 2 people I was so VERY happy to see!

Curious, my hubby, only half-way ready for the day, crept down the stairs and gave me that furrowed-brow-who's-ringing-on-our-doorbell-at-eight-in-the-morning look. (His real birthday wasn't until the 24th, so he really wasn't expecting anything unexpected.) I furrowed my brow right back at him and said, "It's for you." And FINALLY, after he peeked around the front door, I could let out that HUGE smile I'd been holding back for what seemed like forever. :D

And what fun we had! "Pa" and "Cici" got to watch the boys shoot at archery class and see Shiloh's awesome moves during her flag football game. It was fun watching Mark's musically talented dad play the piano with Mullin and give him some fine tips. Such a blessing to attend church with them and have them see Lincoln play his snare box with the band for the first time!

They treated us to many delicious meals out, which my kids thought was AWESOME. And me, too, since I didn't have to cook the whole time. ;) Thank you! Mark did make his amazing, homemade tomato soup, and I made a special "Over the Hill" cake.

Our surprise visitors left Sunday afternoon, the day before hubby's actual birthday, so more celebrating was in store. It was more like a 4-day 40th birthday celebration. :)

Birthday eve, Dad surprised the kids with "No School on Monday" since he took off work. Joys of homeschool, baby! Birthday morning, sweet daughter serenaded her daddy by playing "Happy Birthday" on her keyboard. She learned it just for the occasion. Then, dad made his own cinnamon-roll-waffle-birthday-breakfast. And shared with the family. :)

Later, we went to the $2 movie theater and saw The Desolation of Smaug again. We ate a simple meal at home, and then rented Book Thief.

A fun, relaxing day, just the way dad wanted it. :)

Hope your 40th was all you hoped it would be. We love you!!!

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