Saturday, April 19, 2014

Baskets, Eggs, & Candy ~ 3 of My Favorite Things

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Our Easter basket surprises and egg hunt fun have always been celebrated on the Saturday before Easter. (And, yes, that means no "Easter" Bunny - I promise kids can have TONS of fun without him!)

Little kids and rushing around on the morning of Easter Sunday just didn't set well with me, plus I wanted my kids to truly understand that the miracle of Easter had nothing to do with earthly things. Celebrating with the fluffy, non-essential stuff (although very fun!) on Saturday made for a much more peaceful Sunday morning! Easter Sunday afternoons were (and still are) for relaxing and spending time with family. :)

Pardon me while I scrapbook a bit - here's some of our Saturday-Before-Easter fun. My kids actually read my blog now, so kids, enjoy the memories!

Filling baskets is one of my favorite things to do! I will say it's getting a bit more challenging to come up with ideas for my boys, though. I don't like filling baskets up with a bunch of useless items, either. This year I shopped with our upcoming media fast in mind. Shiloh got some new Rainbow Loom bands, Lincoln got a Rubik's Cube, and Mullin got a neat book about Tolkien. And . . . candy. No, candy is NOT useless. ;) Okay, I know it is, but it's just so YUMMY!

Well, this is the second year that only 2 of my kids participated in the egg hunt. Lincoln and Shiloh racked up! I remember the days when there was like no $, and I'd have to limit my kids to about 10 eggs each. This year we had over 100 eggs! Hey, I think next year the kids should hide the eggs and mom and dad can find them. :)

We did something different with our egg decorating this time. Well, I was really just using a kit I had leftover from last year. Our eggs look NOTHING like the ones on the cover of the kit, and there wasn't enough paint. I love that my kids still had fun and said so! We even tried to get creative with letters. Next year, we are so gonna nail it! And I will try to be more prepared and not last-minute. ;)

Showing off some of the goodies - got my boys vintage shirts. (They hate having their pictures made - oh the teens.) I will NEVER be able to look at a Ninja Turtle and not think of Lincoln. Mullin used to be a Star Wars fanatic. Lincoln liked Star Wars, too, but Mullin never really got into Ninja Turtles much.
Shiloh's already loomed 2 bracelets - one for me and one for herself. She knows my favorite design is the simple Fishtail.
And the question of the day is, "Will Lincoln ever return the Rubik's Cube to it's original design?" He's already been researching the Internet for clues. ;)
At least one of my children still lets me photograph her face. Shiloh with her new Beanie Boo, Babs.


Teena said...

Happy Easter. enjoyed your pics

Brandi said...

Thank you! Hope you had a wonderful Easter. :)


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