Monday, September 08, 2014

Journey to Pastor's Wife {Part 1}

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It was early December. Holiday happiness in full swing. Hubby and I were at peace with life in general. We were finally getting back on our feet after many years of economic trials and our marriage was better than ever. My husband was at peace with the laying down of a dream, and we were open to what we thought lay ahead in our future. The path before us seemed clear even though we weren't quite sure where it would ultimately lead. There were no other paths - it was just one, and we were ready to start walking.

It was around this same time that I felt God impressing upon my heart a new word for the upcoming year - 2014. The word was and still is FOLLOW. At first I thought, great! What a perfect word for this whole path metaphor thing.

Then, on the eve of December 18, 2013 everything changed. My image of our family walking a peaceful, tree-lined path was shattered. It was like a giant earthquake split the road in two, and my hubs and I found ourselves staring at a fork in the road.

Oh, wait. Not that kind of fork . . . this kind of fork:

Yes, I know this is a completely lame picture of a forked road, but after scouring the web for FREE beautiful images of nature forks in the road, I found none. And I don't want to pay for an image or steal one. So, there ya go.

Anyway, on December 18, we went out to dinner with our pastor and his wife and by the end of the evening, we knew that we'd be facing a life changing decision in the near future: Full-time ministry or not. Smooth sailing had just been interrupted by a sudden, violent sea storm. *Sigh*

Before I move forward, I think it's time for a little back story. But that will have to be for another post. :)


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