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My Student Logbook {Schoolhouse Crew Review}

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My Student Logbook, a company created by homeschool parents, Jim and Corina Abbott, sent members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew one student logbook per family to be used with one child for a single year. I knew this product would be perfect for my 7th grade son who loves to make lists and schedules. He chose to review the Dated Vintage Map.

My Student Logbooks are a great way for students in 2nd grade and up to manage their homeschool subjects, extra curricular activities, chores, and more. Plus, there are extra specifically titled pages for recording personal information such as "About Me" facts, prayers and goals, books read, Scripture memorized, test scores, projects and fieldtrips, and favorite memories from the school year.

You can choose from 10 different cover designs that will appeal to boys and girls of all ages. The logbooks are 8.5 x 11" and include a clear plastic protective sheet over the cover page, a sturdy black plastic back cover, and black plastic spiral binding. Your student can write his name and the year on the lines provided on the cover.

Besides cover design, you can choose from 3 available formats for your logbook:
  • Dated logbook for a typical school year of a student living in the northern hemisphere: August 1 - July 31 (The one we chose)
  • Dated logbook that follows a calendar year: January 1 - December 31 (Both dated books come with 53 weekly pages that are labeled Monday - Sunday.) 
  • Undated logbook that you can customize to fit your needs
* The dated version appealed to me because we usually follow a typical northern hemisphere school year, and I like the neatness of pre-printed dates.

Other important pages in the logbook include:
  • Set-up Instructions - In 4 easy steps, your logbook will be ready to use.
  • Using Student Logbook to Create High School Transcripts - Corina shares 3 pages of advice on keeping detailed records for high school students.
  • Checklists - there are 6 lists.
These checklists are what really make this product unique and easy to use. Why? They are reusable! Because the checklists are taped onto the back of the first page your student is going to use to begin recording information and folded over onto the front side of that page, all of the following pages (after they've been used) can simply be "tucked" underneath the previous weeks' pages.

Checklists are on the left-hand side of the page while dated columns are on the right-hand side. It's on these columned pages that your student will put his checkmarks to show work completed. There is also space to record the time or how many hours spent on the subject.

If at any time, your student needs to change his original list (my son has already done so), he can tear out one of the new checklist pages and begin using it right where he left off. There is no need to remove the old checklist, in fact, it's best to keep it just the way it is to serve as a record of work already completed.

If this method doesn't make total sense, it will after you watch the video on how to set up your logbook. My son and I both found it to be very helpful. This video is on the website and also includes written instructions with several photos.

We've only been doing school for about a month and a half, but my son has already changed his list to reflect the fact that he's already completed a brief health course and a refresher typing course. It also looks like he's simplified his core list a bit and has decided not to include chores and hobbies. Since it's his personal logbook, I am letting him keep it the way he wants it.

Below are some of the extra pages that are in the back of the logbook which I mentioned earlier. These pages are perfect for recording personal information and really make the logbook special and keepsake worthy. How great to have these memories all in one place. I wish all of my kids had a My Student Logbook for each year they've been in school!

Each My Student Logbook can be purchased for $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping within the United States. There are also two PDF versions available - one for a single copy license which is $10.00 and one for a family use license which is $20.00. Internationals can purchase the PDF versions only. Also, the PDF versions do not come with a cover design.

My son says he likes the logbook a lot. I do, too. It's truly a simple yet ingenious way for your children to keep track of their own records for an entire school year. Plus, it offers flexibility for all types of homeschooling families. Click on the banner below to see how other Crew Members used their logbooks.

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