Sunday, September 21, 2014

Midnight Sailor by The Sailor's Lantern

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My talented son, who taught himself to play the piano and synth and who is currently teaching himself to play the electric guitar, loves to record ambient instrumentals. He began recording and sharing his music for free under the alias, Alexander Kingston. He's built up quite a following, and I am one proud mama. I am so glad that he is now letting me share the fact that he's behind these dreamy tunes. :)

While anyone can still listen to his music (all 20 tracks) on SoundCloud absolutely free of charge, his songs can no longer be downloaded without purchase. So, he's made his first album (4 songs) available on cdbaby for $4.00. Songs can also be purchased separately.

If you like chill music, check him out and download like crazy! (You can preview all of the songs before you buy.)

One of my favorites from SoundCloud:

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