Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gelid Temps

Pin It Now! We actually had to bundle up about a week ago when we all decided to take a walk around our block to look at Christmas lights. I just couldn't resist taking yet another picture of this cute thing before we strolled through the neighborhood--look, her passy even matches her pants!:) It was a lot of fun until we came home. Shiloh threw a horrible fit b/c she did not want to come in.

We may not be snowed in or anything, but it has been pleasantly cool here. The night temps have been freezing, and we have had to turn the heat on so Shiloh's room doesn't turn into an igloo. (Heat only comes on when it gets down to 67--I don't want to roast to death) I love being able to actually use covers at night and wear long sleeves during the day.

The leaves on the trees are finally changing colors here. It is still weird to see it happening now instead of in November. Better late than never!

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