Friday, December 28, 2007

7--The Perfect Number?

Pin It Now! Well, for me it's the perfect number to LOSE!!

I was pleasantly surprised with a few gift cards to a couple of clothing stores this Christmas!! My closet desperately needs an update, but unfortunately I have gone over my weight limit. :( I know by the world's standards, I would not fall in the overweight category or anything, but I don't feel good. I wish I could tell the extra fat cells to please visit my calves and bony knees or even my feet for goodness' sake! But they have a mind of their own,and for some reason they all like to settle in my middle. Yes, it is the ugly frog thing!!

So anyway, I have told myself that I cannot spend my gift cards until I have lost the 7 pounds. Yikes. What an incentive!! It is oatmeal for breakfast, fruit and nuts for lunch, and a portion-controlled dinner. So far I have done a very good job. I didn't get whip on my Venti Green Tea Frappucino yesterday, and I bought the Tear N Share M&M bag instead of the FAMILY size! Yea me! Well, ya gotta start somewhere.

Oh, my how am I going to resist all of those pretty Valentine candies already beginning to line the store shelves??

I will try and post Christmas pics soon. Been busy putting away all of the decorations. Only thing left is the Memory Tree for hubs to shove in the box. Oh, and the outside lights.


Anonymous said...

You could always try my "Simmer to Slimmer" weight loss plan.

Anonymous said...

What up Hubs? Someone just got a new nickname.

Anonymous said...

7 pounds?? Try 7x7 would be closer to what I need to lose, maybe after all the Christmas goodies are gone. I have a Dr's appointment in Jan. and he will not be pleased with me. But aren't grandmas suppose to be plump and jolly???

Brandi said...

R-I want to do it the HEALTHY way, thanks!

AJ said...

Yes, I do believe it is mandatory that grandmas are to be plump and jolly!!!!
Good luck on the 7 lbs. Might sound easy, but as we know, those last "few" are sometimes the hardest to shed! I've been working on the same "last 10" for several years now ...... :(


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