Friday, April 04, 2008

In Full Swing

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Baseball season is upon us once again!
For just 3 short months our schedule is jam packed with practices and games for our 2 growing boys. This means lots more laundry and picnic dinners!! Night games are very pleasant, weatherly speaking, but it is already pretty toasty during the middle of the day here. We need to buy one of those gigantic umbrellas to shade us from the scorching summer sun!
Shiloh becomes bored easily and doesn't understand why we can't stay at the playground the entire time. Ugh. I want to try and watch as much of their games as possible!!

And here is our star Sidewinder all geared up for some baseball battle!! This is Mullin's first year in kid-pitch league.

Next up is our T-ball playin' Muckdog! He is just a few paces away from scoring a run!!


Knit-Wit said...

This brings back many fond memories - both fun ones and ones of freezing under blankets while watching those early spring games.

not up to code said...

The boys are getting so big. You should watch the Ken Burns Baseball documentary. We just rented it via Netflix and it took us several weeks to get thru it. I bet Mullin would really get into it and there is lots of history for the ragamuffinwriter too.

Piper Paradise said...

How fun! Yes it is getting mighty warm here during the day. Glad you get to enjoy some evening games though. Can't wait till my little guy is big enough to be out there playing ball. It is one of my favorite summer time activities!!

Alida Sharp said...

looks like loads of fun!! I love your photos!

Terri said...

What fun. Shaelyn just started t-ball this year. Her first practice was Tuesday and it looks like it's a lot colder here! Her practice Saturday morning will be with a mix of snow and rain - Yuck!
I laugh reading that you want an umbrella to shade you!

Anonymous said...

I love it that Lincoln has neon green batting gloves and an orange bat.

Only Lincoln..


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