Friday, May 16, 2008

Diaper Doozy

Pin It Now! Let me just start out by saying I am thankful for 2 things right now: Changing tables and bathtubs.

So, my daughter decides to change her own poopie diaper today.

Yes, I was horrified, but we all managed to survive.

Seriously, she'd only been out of my sight for about 5 minutes. I had to finish washing lunch dishes. As soon as I was done, I headed upstairs to get the kids ready for rest time, and, oh my goodness, that's when I was met with that most dreadful sight!

Her diaper was off and she'd already used about 10 wipes. For a moment I didn't know where to begin. We are not talking a convenient little patty here; it was a mess. Some was on the wall, some on her clothes, and it was smeared all over the diaper changing table. It was gross, but I haven't even shared the best part yet. With her free hand she was taking her passy in and out of her mouth. That hand had POOP on it!!! I was trying my best to remain somewhat calm and still drive home the fact that she was to never do that again!!

Thank goodness she had sense enough to do the dirty deed on the changing table and not on the floor!

I bet some mommas out there are so relating to this!! If you want, feel free to share your worst diaper nightmare with me. :)


Ally said...

Ooh i can just feel the urge to gag reading this!!! Yes I have a story too but it´s not about a poopy diaper....but there´s poop in it!!!!

My best friend and I were both pregant at the same time and our babies were both girls and born within 6 weeks of each other. We have been good friends and our daughters have continued on the legacy!

Sadly, 5 years ago we moved away from that neighbourhood and although we still see each other alot, it´s not daily as it was before.

Anyway, to the story! We decided to take the girls out to the park to play. They had taken their buckets and spades and we were chatting happily away, every so often glancing their direction to make sure all was fine.

They were playing in the wooden play house doing cakes and so on. Upon closer inspection though we discovered that the "mud pies" were not made of mud but rather doggie poop!!!! ARg (than some very inconsiderate doggie owner didn´t clean up!)

Yes it was totally gross. My sister lives just literally two seconds from the park so we dragged them up to her house and I remember just gagging all the way . When I wasn´t gagging me and my friend were killing ourselves laughing. It was a termendously gross and funny situation all around!

Glad I shared it????

T-Bone said...


Knit-Wit said...

eeewww! I am so happy my children are all potty trained now!

Piper Paradise said...

My daughter was about 9 months old and had slept in really late one morning - 9:00 AM. My husband woke up and went to check on her only to find that she had taken her diaper off and had poop everywhere - all over her paci, her hands, the wall, the crib and her favorite stuffed animal. What a mess!!!!

A Captured Reflection said...

Ewww. You know something about my cousin Ally that I don't..mind you I guess it's not the kind of thing you share in emails. I think I've led a sheltered life, I have no poop stories to share from the nappy/diaper days with my 2 children, but there was a 'wee' incident when my son was a baby. There he was lying on his changing table (which also had the bath underneath), my husband was bent down emptying the bath water, and all of a sudden there was this warm water cascading down his neck - he assumed there was a leak in the pipe until he saw the crescent of wee leaving my little boy's body.

not up to code said...

About a year ago, we were all down for a nap on a Sunday afternoon. Just as I drifted off into a peaceful and serene sleep, I heard Jack crying like I had not heard him cry before. It was a cry not of hunger, or frustration, or illness, or mere fussiness. It was much more frantic - a frightened cry.

I jumped up out of bed and ran into his room to see what would cause such a cry. I opened the door and was nearly knocked down by a extremely fowl smell and looked at my child in his crib diaper less. He was pressed up next to the crib rails curled up in a ball with his eyes large and terrified staring at the turd across the crib from him. He was terrified of his own turd!

At least he was scared of it and didn't decide it would make good finger-paint.

Terri said...

Shaelyn was known to take her diaper off in the night after pulling off her pajamas. After the first incident of a dirty diaper being off, I had to start putting her pajama's on backwards so she couldn't reach the zipper. Kids - I guess they all live through these situations!

Anonymous said...

This post is missing PICTURES!


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