Friday, May 23, 2008


Pin It Now! It's been overcast and rainy for the past 2 days. Even got some hail yesterday. Nothing serious or anything. Oh, but how it has lowered the temps! It is actually chilly outside right now. The weather will be perfect for this holiday weekend!

Last weekend we hit triple digits!! It is supposed to be hot here, but not that hot...yet We desperately needed the rain, but I am ready for sunny skies again. How, I wonder, did I ever live in TN?! I remember sinking into the depths of despair when we would be stuck inside our TN home just waiting for the rain to end. Then our yard would just be a big, muddy swampland. By the time it would dry out, it would rain again.

So here's what we did during the major, heatwave: Dad and kids washed our VERY dirty SUV! They were so thrilled over putting their suits on and getting soaked.

Grandparents, this is the best I could do at capturing Mullin on film. He refused to look at the camera!! Honestly, I love him as much as the other 2, but he hates being center stage. You all will just have to come see him in person!

Lincoln is doing a fine job washing all the splattered bugs off the car!!!

Oh goodness, Sweet Sue just thought she was the biggest helper ever.

This was taken on Sunday morning last week around 8:3o or so, and we were only out for about 5 minutes. Sweat was pouring down my face by the time we went in. That was a triple digit day!!! Mirages really are common in the desert, you know. I kept thinking that I saw a nice, refreshing, salt water pool in my backyard as I was snapping shots of my cutie pie!

Maybe, hopefully someday it will no longer be a mirage!!!


not up to code said...

I do not envy your triple digit temps. I had our fireplace lit up a couple days ago. I love needing to get the chill off the house in May!

AJ said...

I could live in a lot of places but an oven like AZ, not in this lifetime! Maybe it's something you 'get used to' but my body says 'not getting used to' and I'm paying attention! If I could be there when the temperatures are mild and leave when they are insane, maybe it would work!

What is a "salt water" pool? I have never heard of such a thing. Is it as simple as it sounds, a pool with salt water in it?

Brandi said...

A salt water pool is an alternative to a chlorine pool. Much better for you!!!!! Chlorine is so harsh on our skin, and it leaches into our gut robbing our intestines of the good and very beneficial bacteria we need to stay healthy.
And yes salt intead of chlorine is used. My brother has one, and my skin feels so much better after swimming in it rather than a chlorine pool. Not to mention the smell is better too!
I don't really know all the ins and outs of owning a salt water pool though. Hopefully someday I will!


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