Friday, May 30, 2008

Taste Buds

Pin It Now! Taste buds--aren't they weird?

I was thinking about this just the other day when I was scarfing down some Oreo cookies. Growing up, I didn't like these cream-filled treats. As I pondered this silly subject even more, I realized that there are many foods that I like now that I didn't when I was younger. I think there are even a few things that I don't like now that I used to like at one time. What happened to my taste buds???

Things I like now but didn't then:

Oreo cookies

Pumpkin pie

Mashed potatoes

Dark Chocolate ( I can eat it sparingly now. That change has happened since I have had kids.)

Things I don't like now but did then:

Lima beans (My mom swears that I used to love these--I will take her word for it.)

Well, my mind is going blank at the moment. I think it is filled with thoughts of all of the tasks I need to complete. I better get to them then.

Is there any type of food that you all love to eat now that you absolutely couldn't stand when you were growing up?? Just for fun, I'd like to know!


not up to code said...

Since I have had that temporary crown put on, I have not been able to chew my food on that side. I have noticed that I am missing tasting flavors because I am not using that side of my mouth.

I am an adventurous eater and like almost anything. I can't say there are any food that I liked as a child that I don't like now but there are lots of foods that I love now that I would not eat as a child.

There are only a couple of foods I still can't stand to eat in any form - mushrooms and cilantro.

HONEY said...

Then no, now yes:

AJ said...

Didn't used to like, but do now ....
sauerkraut & weenies (but must be the sweet kind (Bavarian) and must be eaten with plenty of mashed potatoes - I think the blandness of the potatoes mellows out some of the tang of the sauerkraut)
English peas

Like then but don't like now ....
ketchup & mayonnaise sandwich :)
those little wafer cookies that come in vanilla, strawberry & chocolate flavors
Spaghettios (still eat them but they sure don't taste as good as I used to think they did)

HONEY said...

Ewww...ketchup & mayonnaise sandwiches...bleck!


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