Thursday, May 22, 2008

Terrible Tragedy

Pin It Now! Updated: You can go here to meet little Maria and to give your condolences to the Chapman family.

I just couldn't believe the news my husband shared with me this morning. I am sure so many have already heard about the tragic accident involving Stephen Curtis Chapman's teenage son and 5 year old daughter. I can't fathom the pain I'd experience over losing one of my kids.

My heart goes out to their family, and now I am positive that I won't be able to hold back the tears anymore when I hear Chapman's Cinderella song. Not only will my heart be breaking just thinking about my own daughter growing up and leaving, but it will be breaking over the fact that the Chapman's have lost one of their Cinderellas forever. I can't keep the words, "...the clock will strike midnight and she'll be gone." from playing over and over in my head.

Remember this wonderful family in your prayers!

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AJ said...

I just read about this yesterday on the Mardel's website - how horribly tragic for the whole family!!! We can only pray for God's comfort and strength on them right now! I cannot imagine their pain, heartbreak and grief.


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