Friday, May 23, 2008

Chalky Rocks

Pin It Now! I just love easy science experiments that are entertaining and cheap!!!!

We are presently studying about rocks and minerals. We live in the perfect place for that!

Anyway, the kids were supposed to find rocks and test to see if they contained chalk. All you have to do is drip vinegar onto the rock and wait to see if it fizzes. EASY and not very messy at all!

With cheeks full of gummies and a dropper filled with vinegar, Lincoln was ready to be a geologist!! He tested a bunch of rocks from his rock collection that he's been building up for the past few years now. Not a one was a chalky rock. But a few days later big brother finally found one and they were so excited. Mullin drew a picture on our back patio with it. Oh, I should have taken a photo. :(

We are planning a summer field trip to expand our rocky horizons. So stay tuned!


not up to code said...

I had a rock collection when I was a kid. Then I got a Rock Tumbler for Christmas one year and made jewelry. But I didn't get to squirt rocks with acid until college - except I think we squirted hydrolic acid. But vinegar sounds like a kid friendly alternative.

not up to code said...

Oh yeah, I never thught playing with rocks would be of much use until I had to read a geologist's report for a site I had to build on.


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