Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Memory Tree

Pin It Now! It's that time of year again! Mark loves to kick off the holiday season quite early, so yes, we have had both of our trees up for about a week now. This year was extra nice because Mark and I were able to assemble and light the trees in peace and quiet while the kids were with grandparents. The kids hung their own ornaments on the tree last Saturday night.

Because our floors are tile, I have to spread out blankets to make a soft landing for any ornaments that fall. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough this year. We suffered one loss. I know, no big deal, but all of these ornaments are particularly special. Each year we all receive ornaments from different family members. Some of the ornaments are from my childhood. Each ornament carries with it a special memory.

Happy tree trimming!!

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not up to code said...

We put our tree up too! We waited until the week before Christmas last year because we thought we were moving. I think we missed out so we put it up early this year.


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