Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Weekend Shopping Experience

Pin It Now! Had my bank account been full, I still wouldn't have braved the 5 am crowds (mobs) for the sake of a "good" deal on Black Friday. It would probably be safer for me to stroll the streets of south Phoenix in the middle of the night than to fight my way through that sea of selfish, childish creatures who call themselves civilized adults. I mean, how can people stuff their faces 'til their bellies are full, give thanks for all their blessings then get up the next day and stampede another human being to death all because of a SALE!! That's just crazy. And very, very sad.

Okay, okay, I know not everyone who shops the day after Thanksgiving falls into that category. Even I have done it once, and it's actually a nice memory. It was way back in November of '98. Mark went camping, I think, and since I do not do that sort of thing I stayed home. He was so sweet and gave me a certain amount of money to go shopping for "themed" Christmas tree decorations. So yes, the day after Thanksgiving I went to Hobby Lobby and filled a cart to the brim with beautiful gold and garnet ornaments and such. The really exciting part is that everything I bought was 50% off! And I can honestly say, I didn't knock down any old ladies or crafty moms to get what I wanted.

This year I had the pleasant experience of accompanying my mom on Saturday while she shopped for Christmas presents. One of the reasons I do love living in the hotter than hot desert is because of all the time I get to spend with my mom. We always have a great time together. She even bought me a Green Tea Frappuchino for which I was ever so thankful. I think I was beginning to have GTF withdrawal. It was a little difficult for me when we went to Target and ended up in the candy isle, but I am proud of myself for resisting all of those tantalizing, Christmas colored treats that I really can't afford.

Oh my goodness, there are these limited edition Christmasy flavored Junior Mints that were calling my name, and I hope no one noticed me foaming at the mouth over the red and white striped bags of Ghirardelli chocolate peppermint bark! I am a little kid in a candy store when it comes to beautifully wrapped chocolate, and the wrappers in shiny reds, greens and golds were almost too much to bear. I usually love to have Christmas candy on display (and some hidden away), but this year that just isn't going to happen. Not that I need it anyway.

The real test will be in just a few minutes. I have to go to Fry's to do some regular food shopping to get us by for the rest of this week, and I just don't know if I will be able to resist 2 days in a row. Not when I have been thinking about it all night and all morning! I know what will happen at the store. I will justify the bag of M&Ms or whatever by telling myself I just won't eat real food for lunch or something.... Anyway, we shall see.

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