Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nuts About Acorns

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My Shiloh girl is absolutely crazy for acorns. (Yes, we do have oak trees here!) Everyday she checks under our tree in the front yard for more fallen acorns. She's sporting quite a collection!

Oh, the simple joys of little children.

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Allyson said...

Hey guys - I'm so sorry about the job situation. I'll be praying for you guys. E-mail me if you have some specifics to pray for. Does that mean he'll persue a music career now! Let me know and we'll get front row tickets! I hear you are a good singer too. Maybe a Sonny and Cher type thing or get the kids involved and do a Jackson 5/Osmond group. Dont' laugh, they made millions!

Love the picts of the kids. It's a little strange to see pumpkins and trees in full bloom. November has definitely arrived here. It's cold and rainy - but I still LOVE this time of year. It's the first time in 7 years that I haven't had the Christmas card rush going on and I can actually enjoy and take it all in!

I'm praying for you all.


P.S. It takes enough time to post entries every few days on the blog. I don't know if I'll be joining facebook anytime soon. I hear it's really addicting. However, we're being asked all the time and I'm really feeling some peer pressure. So I'll let you can be my first friend.


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