Friday, January 16, 2009

A Trip Down Cake-Making Memory Lane

Pin It Now! I need some inspiration to get me pumped for the cake-making task ahead. I usually make all of my children's cakes, but it is very hard work, especially for me since I've never had professional classes or anything like my mom. Cake decorating is also very time consuming since I don't own very many decorating tools. This is something I both hate and love!
2004-- I just loved Lincoln's little airplane cake!!

2007-- Harry Potter Cauldron cake for Mullin's 8th birthday. I was pretty delighted since this cake was created from nothing but what was in my head. Black icing is not fun to make!!!!

2007--Shiloh's 2nd birthday. I just love Carebears! So many colors, so little bags. Bag changing isn't fun either!!

2006--The very first "girly" cake that I was able to make!! I was so excited about doing this one. I had waited soooooo long to do a pink cake!!! This butterfly was inspired by the theme of her sweet nursery.

2006--Mullin had a baseball birthday when he turned 7. I have made many, many more of these for all kinds of baseball events, and I have mastered the art of making fondant so that the white part is nice and smooth. My baseballs look so much better now.
Well, this was just a sampling. I will have to peruse my scrapbooks to see more of my cakes--those pre-digital days.


Anonymous said...

You've never made me a fun cake.

not up to code said...

M - she told me you like pie anyway.

B - your cakes look great! Who needs a class??!

AJ said...

Pretty cool cakes to me! That's right, who needs classes when you do this good already? I took the class, you already know what they teach in the basic beginner class, it shows on your cakes.

Brandi said...

Thanks-- you are all too kind!!!

DrMomma said...

Especially love the airplane! I found this page while in search of ideas for my own 2-year-old's airplane birthday cake... Wish I had your talent too! :)


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