Friday, October 09, 2009

Clear Remedy: Third and Final Review

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Well, a few weeks ago I decided to go back to ProActiv. Personally, Clear Remedy just wasn’t strong enough for my “hormone havoc”.

I have heard many people complain that ProActiv is too harsh on their skin, and this may very well be true. I do have to be careful with the Repairing Lotion—too much and my skin will dry out and become flaky.

Clear Remedy may be the perfect solution for those whose skin is already dry and sensitive. I passed it on to my hubby and he loves it.

There were many qualities that I really liked about Clear Remedy products, and I would like to point them out here.

*The Purifying Cleanser was very refreshing and I absolutely loved the citrus scent. Made my skin feel very clean.

*The Acne Treatment Lotion wasn’t harsh at all and didn’t bleach everything it touched. Very soothing.

*The Hydrating Lotion smelled just like the cleanser and made my skin feel soft. Definitely had no dry skin issues while using it.

*The Acne Spot Treatment wasn’t too harsh or drying either. I liked the fact that it went on clear.

If you have sensitive, dry skin prone to breakouts, you may want to give Clear Remedy a try. Here is a coupon to help you get started. Just enter the promotion code, GETCLEAR30 upon checkout, and you will receive 30% off your total order!

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Ames said...

Have been considering trying ProActiv myself. Where is the best place to find it?


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