Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Time Turns Sour

Pin It Now! After lunch, Shiloh and Lincoln (and me, too!) partook of Gram's teacakes and sweet tea while I read to them from Oonawasse Summer, our current read-aloud. The teacake recipe was found in the back of the book. Yum! Poor Mullin couldn't be a part of it since he was pretty sick. :(

Once we were finished reading a chapter, we teamed up to juice some oranges from our friend's tree. Lincoln washed, Shiloh dried, and I cut.

I let the kids do the juicing since they did such an awesome job last year during citrus season. Yep, all was going quite smoothly until Shiloh decided she needed to stand on the chair for some extra leverage. *Sigh*

Juice, pulp, seeds and all things sticky all over my kitchen floor.

I held my breath for a moment and determined deep down that I was NOT going to get upset. Well, at least I wasn't going to show it too much. I calmly cleaned my daughter up and gently, but firmly, shooed my son and my ever-so-sorry princess OUT of the kitchen.

I tried to look at the bright side: My floor was going to get an unexpected mopping and I was going to get some unexpected exercise.

1 comment:

Ames said...

Sounds like a fun and full day. Sorry to hear about the mess. I like your approach and outlook to the "mess". I am not so sure I would have done the same. :|


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