Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WFMW: Cut the Cheese, Please!

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My life in the kitchen has been made much simpler by this wonderful tool, the cheese cutter. Mine looks just like the image on the left except older.

For years I have been buying block cheese instead of the shredded and pre-sliced cheese. (And I am not talking about the block of Velveeta cheese product, here.) I admit, it isn't as convenient, but at least it doesn't contain the anti-caking ingredients, etc. Until this past spring, I'd been using just a plain old knife to try and cut perfect slices of cheddar cheese. Anybody else out there know how hard it is to cut a thin, straight slice of cheese?!

Seriously, it never occurred to me that there was an easier way to cut cheese. I happened upon an old cheese cutter when going through a box of garage sale items given to me by my dad. Shamefully, I didn't even know what it was at the time. My husband of all people is the one who told me what it was. I decided to keep it and give it a try.

My life just hasn't been the same since.

Honestly, I am not even one who likes to have a bunch of silly kitchen tools lying around taking up space in my kitchen drawers. I can live without the banana slicer, the cute sandwich cutter, the strawberry slicer, etc., but I will ALWAYS have a cheese cutter from now on! :)

I really do love it and use it every time I need to slice those big blocks of Tillamook cheese.

Any other amazing kitchen tool that I have been missing out on?? Please feel free to enlighten me.

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Ames said...

Yes, I do have one of these and they are great. The table top/slab cheese cutter is even better. I don't have one of these because I am like you and don't like a lot of stuff filling my kitchen draws and pantries. I just use the hand slicer.

Jami said...

I do have one of these but I haven't drug it out in years. I will make a point to do so. Everyone says the flavor and melt of the fresh is so much better. BTW do you own a garlic press? Love mine!

Meghan said...

I love this tool too! I don't like a lot of kitchen gadgets either (have you seen the mango slicer?!)but if it's something I'm going to use frequently, like a cheese slicer, then I can definitely make room for it.

Miss G said...

came over from Tasty Tuesday and saw this post too. I have to say that I didn't think a strawberry slicer was worth room in my kitchen either when I was given one as a wedding gift but I LOVE it! It makes slicing strawberries so much faster. For what it's worth . . . :) Kelly


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