Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drama Queen

Pin It Now! Harding Academy Invitational Speech Tournament 1991

Poetry 3rd Place

This was the only trophy I had left in my closet from my childhood, so I took a picture of me with it right before I threw it into the trash can.

It was taking up space. And I don't need it. Plus I must live up to my non-hoarding standards.

Why I still had it, I do not know. Maybe it served as a reminder of a scratch in time I can scarcely remember. For some reason, this season of my life is a bit cloudy. (Um, and it's not b/c of mind altering substances or anything.) It really doesn't seem like I could have ever recited poetry and won awards for it. What a complete DORK!I feel like Anne of Green Gables or something!

I laugh thinking about how SILLY I must've looked!! I was somewhat and maybe still am a MILD drama queen, so I guess it served as an outlet? Who knows?

Winning poetry competitions didn't land me any acting jobs or anything, but it sure did prepare me for the job of "Mom." Little did I know that you had to read thousands of books to wee ones! I try to make them fun by using lots of different voices and such. There's nothing worse than listening to someone read a book in a dreary, monotone voice!!!!!


Ames said...

Wow, Poetry. Cool! I never did and still never do understand poetry.

Missed seeing you on Monday. The zoo was a lot of fun. Hope to see you for park day Monday.

Yep, the train track pictures were taken by my husband not too long ago and Jen is the one that arranged them on my blog for me. So, I really can't take any credit for any of it. ha! :)

The Lenzers said...

so dont remember you doing that


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