Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fairy Party for Two

Pin It Now! The Fairest Fairy Face

Fairy Photo Shoot
Yes, even Mom dressed up. :)

I love the fact that Shiloh just did whatever she wanted -- I didn't tell her to hug or kiss me.

Fairy kisses are so sweet!! Oh, and she did have wings. I made them from scrapbook paper. And what color does she pick? BLUE of all colors. NO, not pink to match her dress. How dare I even suggest pink!!

Fairy Food
We made Frosty Fairy Mints -- oh, so good.

Sugar-and-Spice Sandwich Swirls -- so dainty!

Fairy Queen Quiches -- they're supposed to be flowers.

Fruity Magic Wands

Fairy Flower Lemonade -- yummy! Did you know roses were edible? We didn't eat them, though.

Just the girls: Mom, sister, Shiloh and Livi

Fairy Fun

Livi and Shiloh color Fairy World Shrinky Dinks.

The girls watch them bake and eagerly anticipate the shrinking.
Ooooh, showing off their bracelet creations.

What a super-fairylicious time we had! If you've been inspired to have your own fairy party, check out Barbara Beery's Fairies Cookbook for some of the fabulous fairy treats we made.

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