Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WFMW: Save Baby Girl Items For Future Play!

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I had waited so long to finally have a girl that I'd had plenty of time to think of all the things I wanted to save for my daughter to use when she was old enough to "play". It is so neat seeing her use the same items that I used for her when she was a baby. :)

Bedtime Bear is sporting one of her Christmas Baby Gap shirts.

Lamby's sweet bonnet was worn by my daughter as a newborn.

Yellow Teddy bear wears one of Shiloh's newborn gowns, and brown bear is actually wearing an outfit that was made by my mom when I was little.

I saved lots of bibs and hats in hopes she'd use them to dress her dolls and such --as you can see, she especially loves Care bears!! (The knitted hat is extra special b/c her aunt made it.)

She now uses one of her old burp cloths as a kitchen towel.

Cabbage Patch Kids, Lisa and Reilly are wrapped in Shiloh's newborn receiving blankets.

I know this last picture has nothing to do with playing, but I made art out of her crib skirt. I just couldn't bear to part with her nursery theme even though it was time for a big girl bed. So, I cut out the pictures from her crib skirt and stuck them in Dollar Store frames. I love it, and it reminds me of when she was a baby. Her new bed is a pink and green pattern, so it still matched.

*Saving baby things for special play items and/or art works for me!!!!

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Jen said...

What a great idea!! I'll have to remember that when I have a baby!! So cute!

'Becca said...

I have a boy who also enjoys using his baby things with his toy animals. We passed on most of his actual clothing, but he puts bibs on his animals and pretends to feed them with those rubber-coated baby spoons.

He uses his baby blankets for all kinds of things: snuggling on the couch, pretend picnics, tents for the animals, etc.

Now if he'd just come up with a USE for the Boppy pillow he insists we have to keep, I'd be thrilled!


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