Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For the Love of Dragons!

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Dragon with cave and castle 2

"She liked pirate stories, too, but most of all she loved books that had at least a knight or a dragon or a fairy in them. She was always on the dragon's side, by the way." --Inkheart

Like mother like daughter. I am so proud. (sniff, sniff)

When it comes to imagination, I am such a child. I LOVE dragons. And fairies and elves and unicorns and . . . well, you get the idea. Shiloh's Happy Meal toy was a cute, little, green dragon from the movie, How to Train Your Dragon, which we haven't seen yet, and she's been treating him like royalty taking him everywhere she goes. Bless her heart, she even tried to feed him cereal. Not good. So she stuck with acorns and Hi-Ho Cherry-O cherries.

If you are like us and unashamedly admit to loving dragons as much as an imaginary creature can be loved, then you may want to check out these dragon books of which we are so fond:

Where's the Dragon --Richard Cook

The Egg --M. P. Robertson

Starlight Sailor --James Mayhew

The Dragon of Lonely Island --Rebecca Rupp

The Return of the Dragon --Rebecca Rupp

The Dragon Snatcher --M.P. Robertson

The Great Dragon Rescue --M.P. Robertson

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The Lenzers said...

we have eaten far too much mcdonalds lately trying to collect all the stinking dragons. LOVE the pic BTW!!! I'm in C'ville this week and it always feels wierd to be back here.


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