Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Shiloh's Audition

Pin It Now! Shiloh always talks about being a rock star. She plays air guitar in the car and prefers listening to rock-type music.

She also dreams of being on American Idol one day . . .

Well, after bath time the other night, she told her Daddy the song she'd pick to sing on American Idol.

I told her, "Why wait, let's do it now on video!"

She was all for that. I was thinking- she's gonna pick a really rockin' song ~ instead she sang her bedtime song.

Here's what the judges had to say . . .

Randy: "Awww man." Yo . . . Yo, dog. Awwwww. (leans back in chair throwing hands in the air) O.K.- here's what I'm sayin', here's the thing- oh, man . . . oh, yeah, mmmm . . . I don't know. Ellen . . . ?"

Ellen: "Well, first of all, I really like that you chose to wear your pajamas for the occasion. You looked really comfortable on stage, and, yeah, um, I liked it. You're absolutely adorable, and I think your fans will love you."

Cara: You know, (lots of hand motions) I gotta hand it to you for gettin' up there and singing from your heart. (head waving back and forth) And that's what it's all about. I could really tell that you felt (big forward hand movement) the song, and it's relevant in your life right now. (still shaking head, "yes" then looks toward Simon)

Simon: (leans back in chair with the obvious smirk) "O.K., look. You're cute, you're adorable, and how old are you? 4, ok. I would say very interesting song choice, but considering the circumstances, well, you're young and you've got a lot of time. Work on your vocals, stage presence, and well, we may just see you back here in about 10 years. (shoulder shrugg) Alright, off you go." (head nod and wink)

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Anonymous said...

Babe, you NAILED the judges dialog. Wow.


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