Friday, July 23, 2010

It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later

Pin It Now! My sister let me borrow a couple of black flashlights . . . because the Arizona inevitable happened. Yes, I found a scorpion in my bathroom - ugh, I just got chill bumps thinking about it. Those things look like demons in the flesh. I wasn't happy.

About 5 minutes before my pinchy discovery, I was cleaning up in the kitchen and felt a light, tickly feeling on my shoulder. I thought it was just a strand of my hair falling out, as that's usually the case. Oh no. When I went to brush off the assumed hair, to my horror, I discovered it was a spindly-legged spider. Eeeek. (And I really did say "shoot" no matter what my kids and hubby think - so it was just second-hand cussing, not real cussing.)

Seriously, AHHHHHH! A spider and a scorpion in one day. Not nice!!!

I prayed before we moved to the middle of the desert that God would pretty please provide us a scorpion-free home. (I know - praying for no scorpions in the desert is like praying for no snow in Minnesota.) I had already lived through a nightmare Brown Recluse experience while living in my first apartment in Memphis, so I knew my marriage would not survive another venomous creature infestation!!! I DO NOT like sharing my living space with critters, especially the evil, poisonous, attack-you-in-your-sleep kind. I become quite irritably irrational and just plain mad.

Well, God truly has been gracious, b/c the area in which we presently live used to be farmland. So what does that mean in regard to scorpions? I guess all of the chemicals in the soil got rid of them. I guess our neighborhood and surrounding areas are as scorpion-free as a desert can be. Like I said, that was the very first one, and I am hoping with all my heart that maybe, just maybe the one in my bathroom somehow just hitched a ride over here from my dad's place, which does have scorpions from time to time. I had the privilege of seeing one over there stuck to a glue board. It had been there for 2 weeks and was still ALIVE. ALIVE! Ick!

A couple of days after my scorpion find, our air conditioning went out. (Not the luckiest of weeks!) I am not changing the subject - you see, we served dinner to our repair guy, (we know him from church) and the subject of scorpions came up. He proceeded to inform me that he's been stung many times, and his wife had recently been stung in her SLEEP. Oh my. That was a newsflash I didn't need to hear!! I'm the girl who pulls back the sheets and checks under pillows before getting all tucked in at night. The thought of one of those in MY BED flat out gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I am thinking about getting brave and actually using those flashlights tonight. I am afraid of what I might see, but I am curious, too. Hmmm, I keep going back to the phrase, "What you don't know can't hurt you." Even though I don't believe that pot of crock, I am not so certain that I, a natural born worry wart, need to know what lurks in my corners in the dark.

I will let you know what I find and if I need to put up a For Sale sign in my yard. :)


Anonymous said...

We live near citrus and horses (both attrack scorpions). We see dozens every year. I grew up here and had never been stung until last spring. It did hurt but nothing like I thought it would - not as bad. "Scorpy" is one of the first word my kids learn.

The Lenzers said...

guess I am confused as to why you need the flashlights? do they only come out at night? I would totally freak out too!!!! I saw a mouse here on moving in day, and was so close to telling the movers to stop unloading the truck! YUCK, I don't like to share my home with bugs or rodents,either!

'Becca said...

I'm so sorry about your creepy critter encounters!! If you haven't seen it before, you must read this Christian blog frequently interrupted by scorpions for both commiseration and ideas on how to find God amid the monsters!

Brandi said...

Thanks for the tip Becca! Fortunately, we haven't seen one since!!!!!


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