Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WFMW: Favorite Fairy Activity

Pin It Now! For my daughter's 5th birthday, my husband and I gave her a Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden. We found ours at Borders, but you can also view this and other products at

We LoOoOve this toy/activity! It's the gift that really keeps on giving . . . and growing!! So, for all the sweet, little girls in your life, I highly recommend it. Suggested age: 7-97 -- but my 5 year old did fine with a little help that I totally didn't mind giving!!

What you will find in the box: Fairy Garden dish, Flower fairy, Resin fairy house and 2 toadstools, Sparkly gems, Pixie dust, 2 tulle butterflies, Fabric flower bouquet, Glass opti-stones, Purple gravel, Wheat grass seed and bean mix, Potting soil mix, Paint and paintbrush, Instructions and ideas. Everything you need!

We started off by painting everything. That is all we did the first day. It gave my daughter something to look forward to the next day. :)

I helped her paint the dish, but she added special touches including her name.

Once everything was dry, we added potting soil and arranged decor. Don't forget to sprinkle magic pixie dust!! Lastly, we planted about 1/2 of the seeds. I filled a spray bottle with water, and every morning my daughter watered her garden.

She was so excited to see her first sprouts, and now after a little patience, her garden is coming along rather well!!

Now, we only have one thing left to do -- write a story!! Included in this garden set is a sheet of paper with a story prompt: Once upon a time there lived a beautiful fairy named . . . (Shiloh named her Rosa.)

My sweet girl has been dreaming up all kinds of stories, and now I need to help her write one down. This activity has afforded us much wonderful mother/daughter time!

The cost of the Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden is $24.99, but we had a 40% off coupon! This truly is a GREAT gift!!


Anonymous said...

Such a neat idea. Did you find it at Micheal's? I thought you may have since you had a 40% coupon. I'd love to get one of these for my daughter who will be turning 6 in Dec.
Thanks for the idea!
Orlando, FL

Brandi said...

We actually found it at Borders Bookstore. :) Might be something Michael's would carry, though,


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