Friday, July 30, 2010

Pray for Daisy

Pin It Now! This little girl has gripped my heart. She's battling cancer ~ a Wilm's tumor. Please join me and my family in prayer for Daisy, her mom, dad, and brother.

I do not know Daisy personally, but Kate, my TOS Products Review Manager, sent this information to me. And I just can't stop thinking about her.

I watched this video and had a hard time keeping myself together -- listening to Daisy's dad speak about their heart wrenching trial and seeing pictures of a lively, beautiful girl turn to a weak, struggling life was just too much. One image of Daisy in the hospital, before she lost her thick, wavy hair, sort of took my breath away for a split second. It looked a lot like Shiloh. So, for a moment I pictured my own daughter, who probably isn't much younger than Daisy, lying there on that bed. I just can't imagine.

If you do watch that video, you will hear her dad declare that after 7 months Daisy is cancer free, but that is not the case. Her cancer is back, and the battle rages once again. Please consider praying.

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