Monday, August 29, 2011

Buried with Brownie

Pin It Now! Lincoln mummified Shiloh for her history assignment about Egypt.  We even prepared the "linen strips" with essential oils as the Egyptians may have done.  Yes, Shiloh is supposed to be "dead" but I let her choose which oils anyway. :) She was one good smelling mummy!

Since Egyptians were often buried with important possessions, Shiloh chose her beloved Brownie to accompany her to the grave. Brownie is one of her favorite little stuffed doggies.

*I thought it interesting that these ancient Egyptians threw out the brain when removing the dead person's insides because they thought the heart did all the thinking.  Why they even preserved all the organs is a mystery since ya really don't need 'em anymore once you've breathed your last breath.  Bet they didn't need all their "stuff" anymore either.

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