Thursday, August 04, 2011

Jelly Joe and the Horrible Crash

Pin It Now! I meant to publish this for Lincoln last year after he wrote it for a school assignment.  So, he was in third grade when he wrote it.  For your reading enjoyment, I present:

Jelly Joe and the Horrible Crash

by: Lincoln

One Saturday morning, Jelly Joe was late to his flight because his belly was so heavy he couldn't run that fast.  He finally made it to the airplane that was going to Hawaii.

The plane was already half way to Hawaii when suddenly, the plane ran out of gas.  Jelly Joe said, "Me jump out of plane."  Then he jumped out of the plane into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Jelly Joe didn't sink to the bottom because his big belly helped him float.

He shouted to everyone on the crashing plane, "Jump on my belly!"  So they did.

Everyone bailed on his belly, but it wasn't big enough to hold all of them.  The people on his belly decided to give Jelly Joe all of their food so his belly could grow bigger.  And it did.

They finally made it to Hawaii safely, all except Jelly Joe who exploded from eating too much food.


I've always loved a good story with sacrificial love as the main theme! ;)

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