Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Pin It Now! Look at the little friend we found hanging out on our sliding glass door curtains.  Awwww, a baby lizard.  I was able to pluck him right off.  Probably too scared to run away.

Crawling on Mullin's arm . . .
Lincoln makes sure he doesn't escape cuz Shiloh wants a turn to hold him . . .
She's just beside herself - she's tried for ages to catch a lizard in our backyard, but they're incredibly speedy!

Shiloh passed him back to Lincoln so he could have one last turn before we set him free.  As he was resting in Lincoln's hand, he detached his tail right before our eyes.  The tail kept wriggling apart from the lizard's body - weird.

Shiloh affectionately named him Crawlie.  May he live a long life eating pesky insects that threaten my garden's well-being!

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