Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What More Could This Mama Want?

Pin It Now! So, about a week ago, my 9 yr. old son told me that he was going to start reading Proverbs during rest time. Said he wanted to find answers for dealing with some personal issues.  a MA zing!!!!  I had to put on a black shirt my heart was glowing so brightly!

My husband and I do not make our children read their Bibles.  I read and study with them every morning and my husband leads a study once a week.  Sometimes we go to the Bible looking for answers to life's questions, problems, etc., and sometimes our kids may need to look up verses for a school assignment.  But as for reading the Bible on their own and developing that personal relationship, we don't force it.

Today same son mentioned that he needed a dictionary for rest time. . . to look up unfamiliar words from Proverbs. Seriously?  My kid voluntarily using a dictionary!  My preconceived notion that home schooled kids guarded dictionaries as prized possessions was shot once I actually began home schooling. But here my son was asking for the book with words and their definitions!  My kids have always acted like even touching a dictionary would make them spontaneously break out in big, purple boils!

So, let me get this straight.  My son is reading the Bible and using a dictionary.  Voluntarily. 

What more could this mama want?

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