Monday, August 01, 2011

Cleansed and Feeling Great!

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Second week of home schooling, a sick kid, and hubby out of town for a week--when could be a better time to start a total body cleanse?

Well, that's the week (last week) I picked and I stuck to it.  Why?  Because in January I declared 2011 the "Me Maintenance Year."

 For various reasons (some that couldn't be helped) I had to put my health on the back burner for a while, so I pretty much had to ignore multiplying symptoms.  I could tell that if I didn't change my "oil" soon, my "engine" was gonna up and quit on me!

I started the year off with a Chiropractic Care Plan, and I am happy to report after about 6 months of therapy, I am now down to going 2x a month!  My pinched nerve and other back, neck, and hip problems are definitely doing much better.

Now for the cleanse part:  I figured I needed a total body cleanse before I started seriously targeting other symptoms I was having.  (Insomnia, sweating, clogged Eustachian tubes, hormone issues, liver and adrenal issues, really I could go on and on . . .)  I was definitely hesitant about doing a cleanse because I had done one, oh, probably 6 or 7 years ago, and it was pure torture.  Bought it at a local health food store.  On top of drinking shakes, I had to prepare a separate dinner for myself every night, and that wasn't fun with 2 little ones at the time.  My food cravings never went away--by the time the cleanse was over, I was dying for a big, fat Sonic burger or something.  It just wasn't a pleasant experience.

I knew that's what my body needed now, though.  For the past few months, I had been eyeing Young Living's 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse wondering how on earth I could save $100 to use it. 

I just couldn't save up enough on my budget, but fortunately when my hubby got a promotion, he agreed to buy it for me.  (I know he is glad he did b/c he can see the results!)  THANK YOU HONEY!!!

So, the last week in July began my 5 day cleanse. It was so easy to follow:  Take 1 Digest + Cleanse pill 3x a day, drink Balance Complete shake 3x a day, and drink 2 oz. of NingXia Red 3x a day. The best part-- No meals to prepare!  The schedule recommends certain snacks in between "meals" if you have a high metabolism.  I did need to eat a couple of the snacks per day, but they are foods like apples, plums, nuts--easy, no prep stuff.

Day 1:  I did experience some light-headedness and craved food, but the pamphlet said I would.  I stayed strong, though!  I was surprised at how yummy the shakes were.  The first 2 days I mixed the powder with organic, raw cow's milk. 

Day 2:  Experience on this day depends on level of toxicity.  I still felt hungry at times and a little light-headed. 

Day 3:  Definitely feeling better and more energetic.  Wished I had a treadmill!!  Became reacquainted with my scale.  Tried mixing powder with unsweetened coconut milk and didn't like the texture.  Instead I mixed 1/2 water, 1/4 coconut milk, and 1/4 raw, cow milk--loved this mixture and continued with it until the end.

Day 4:  Became friends with my scale again.  Loved seeing my belly flatten before my eyes.  Great to put on a pair of capris I hadn't worn in a while due to gut hanging over.  Ick.

Day 5:  Honestly, food cravings were gone.  Felt great and motivated to keep up the good work!  By this day, I had lost about 4 lbs. and it was all in my middle--right where I needed it to be!!  Yea!

This was an amazing cleanse.  Worth the $100!!  I mean, really, we spend maintenance $ on our homes and cars, so I shouldn't feel to guilty, right?  I hope to be able to at least make this an annual cleanse. 

Now if I could just stop admiring myself in the mirror-ha! ;)

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Staci said...

Yay!! I had been thinking about you and wondering how this went for you. For some reason, I canNOT get your blog to show up in my feed, so I missed this. Glad it's working for you! :)


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