Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eleven ~ The Calm Before the Storm

Pin It Now! Since I've already experienced one child turning 11 over two years ago, I know to cherish every single minute of my middle son being 11. :)

Still a sweetness, an innocence at this age. No raging hormones holding my son hostage. Still, for the most part, a child's voice. A good age.

I do, on occasion, miss chunky cheeks, chubby feet, and slobbery kisses. So forgive me for posting just a couple of little boy pics. Seems so long ago . . .

Not so little anymore.

So, every year my kids get to pick the meal they want to eat on their birthdays. I have to say this is the easiest birthday meal I've ever made. Chicken nuggets and french fries. And, no, they are not homemade. Seriously, I hardly ever buy these, but I obliged for his birthday. ;)

And mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. Of course he wanted the kind with food coloring. I much prefer Breyer's, but it wasn't my birthday.

And the celebrating continued on Sunday with friends after church. Barro's pizza for lunch, doughnuts for dessert, and an afternoon of playing football.

Again, easiest dessert I have ever had to make. Gone are the days of weeks of preparation to pull off those perfectly themed parties! I guess it's a boy thing because I don't think I could ever outgrow themed parties. :)

Happiest of birthdays to my son who makes me smile, laugh, cry, and bang my head against the wall. I couldn't imagine my life without my Lincoln!

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