Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Would You Eat a Hobbit in a Hole?

Pin It Now! My oldest printed off a recipe the other day ~ Hobbit in a Hole by Bombur. Sounds way too fun for Middle Earth fans to pass up. So, that's what he (I helped a little) made for lunch this past Saturday.

For the recipe, just click the above link. There are also other Hobbit recipes to try as well. :)

Our personal tips for this recipe:

*We baked it at 350° (The recipe didn't say.)

*We baked it for about the full 30 minutes.

*I will grease the pan first next time. :)

*We just used breakfast sausage links instead of bangers - English sausage. (Probably similar, though)

*If we made this again, we'd probably use 2 packages of sausage instead of one, or we'd use a smaller dish than a 9x13.

*It would be so yummy with that southern white gravy. One problem, though. The one time I tried to make this for my southern bred husband - Total Epic Fail! :(

*My hubby poured syrup over his helping. Yum!

Linked to Tasty Tuesday and Works for Me Wednesday.

1 comment:

Annie Kate said...

We love Hobbit food, too. I'm going to look up the link to this recipe; it looks good.


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