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Jobs for Tweens and Teens Under Age 16

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Chore money can only go so far. With a fixed amount of chore money that my kids can earn each week, it can be difficult to save up for more expensive items. I've been so grateful for other job opportunities my boys have been given in order to earn extra money.

Pet Sitting: In our old neighborhood, our next door neighbors would travel several times a year, and our boys would take turns taking care of their dog. All they had to do was make sure it had fresh water and feed it twice a day. It was a great and easy way to earn extra $!

Recycling: For the past couple of years, it's been my middle son's responsibility to do the recycling. As a reward, we let him save all of the cans, crush them, and turn them in for money. Dad takes him to the recycling place once every few months, and my son earns an average of about $20 each time. Last weekend, though, he made $35! As a family we don't go through very many cans, so without Grandpa donating to the cause, he wouldn't be making as much. ;)

Helping with a Family Business: My hubby and I aren't exactly the entrepreneur type, so we don't have a family business. But my dad does. In the summers, my boys help their grandpa take care of yards and homes which belong to people who don't live here during the unbearably hot summers. It's hard, sweaty work, but my boys love the extra money and being able to spend time with their grandpa. :)

Selling Items on Ebay: After taking a course on (I think it was Micro Business for Teens), my oldest (13) was inspired to put his learning into action. Since I really didn't want him in my kitchen, he settled on starting up an ebay "store." Really it's just an account, but he's named it and has sold a few items earning him some extra cash. He's sold a few of his own things, and he's sold a few things for friends. And, of course, he takes a chunk of the profit. :)

Well, those are the only ways in which our kids have been able to earn extra money, but I asked my facebook friends and fellow crewmates (who are part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew) to share their ideas as well.


Teaching/Tutoring (School subjects or musical instruments)

Selling items on Amazon

Mowing Lawns

Doing Other Types of Yardwork  (raking leaves, pulling weeds, etc.)

Washing Windows

Making and selling Crafts
Helping with Techy Stuff
  • designing backgrounds, buttons, etc.
  • helping set up websites, linking, creating power points, slideshows, etc.
Car Detailing

Breeding Animals

Walking Dogs

Scooping Dog Poop

Cleaning Houses

Shoveling Snow

Cleaning Garages/Attics


I also did some research online, and here's a site that had a lot of great ideas, too.

Feel free to add your ideas in the comments!

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