Thursday, August 01, 2013

Cream Soda Song is Finished!

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In response to my son's soda song challenge, here is his promised new song . . .

I know it must seem like we are soda junkies over here, but just so you know I'm not an unfit mother or anything, we rarely have it in the house, especially since my hubby gave up his Coke-a-day. ;) We buy soda for parties and weekend fun sometimes, and I admit, I probably ran through the McDonald's drive-thru to get a Coke fix too many times this summer. *sigh*

ANYWAY . . .

For the LONGEST time, I didn't even let the kids have any soda except for Sprite when we went out to eat or something. But things change, kids grow up, and parents (well, me) get a little more lax. Once I let up on the caffeinated soda strike, my kids loved trying all the different kinds at fast food restaurants and such. Well, when you put my middle son's love of soda (especially root beer), mixcraft, and craziness together, you get silly soda songs. :D

I sincerely hope you've all enjoyed listening to all the songs about SODA! I do hope we haven't influenced anyone to give in to a totally unhealthy crave.

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