Friday, January 10, 2014

Wonderful Children's Series for Animal Lovers

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My 8-year-old daughter recently discovered The Puppy Place series by Ellen Miles. While she enjoys reading okay, no other books have ever captivated her attention like these have! I imagine it's got everything to do with the fact that she's crazy about animals and wishes she could have more than just a fish for a pet. If you, too, have an animal lover in first - fourth grade residing in your home, I highly recommend The Puppy Place: Where Every Puppy Finds a Home.

Each book in this series features a new puppy who needs a home. My daughter loves reading about the Peterson family who fosters the dogs until they can find them good homes. My daughter falls in love with each puppy and its unique personality and loves telling me all about each and every adventure.

I've counted over 35 books in the series and my daughter's read over half of them so far in about a month. We just picked up 5 more at the library today, but it looks like I may have to purchase a few of the books since our library doesn't carry all of them.

My daughter loves The Puppy Place series so much that she even decided to research the author all on her own. Learning at its best for sure! She wants to be just like Ellen Miles when she grows up, and she's even in the middle of writing her a letter. :) She likes visiting the Ellen Miles website, too, where she can play games and find out more information. In fact, I just saw a Puppy Place word search on her dresser.

It's best to read the books in order, but my daughter skipped around at first and read what she could get from the library. She is trying to go mostly in order now though. Here is a pretty good deal from amazon for the first 16 books - just a little over $3 per book. FYI: Each paperback is about 100 pages long.

Here's a set containing books 17-26

Don't want to start out with so many? Here's a set that comes with just the first 5 books:

And, of course, each book can be purchased individually.

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