Thursday, October 23, 2014

TBT: A Few of My Old Halloween Costumes

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Yes, I grew up dressing up and trick-or-treating on October 31st, otherwise known as Halloween, every single year. Candy? I'm there, people! ;)

Apparently because I looked more like a boy than a girl at the tender age of 1 1/2, my parents decided to just go with it - Mickey instead of Minnie.
And a few years later after my hair finally grew, I got to upgrade to the girl mouse! Yea. My mom was obviously a frugal mom and saved the Mickey costume for any siblings bound to come along. I bet you anything if the Minnie costume had come first, my brother wouldn't have had to wear that!

By this age, I had definitely blossomed into a girly girl. Looks like I had some amazing makeup skills for sure! Anything look familiar, here? Yep, my sister's like, "Awww, I gotta wear Brandi's old costume?" Well, at least she didn't have to be Mickey. ;)

That's all for this week. Next week I will share a few I-think-I-am-trying-to-be-a-punk-rocker pics.

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