Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday ~ Halloween Punk Rocker Fail

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Oh yes, the 80s. Legwarmers, Cindy Lauper, Madonna, black lace fingerless gloves  . . . there's a lot to love from that era. (Insert sarcasm) Oh wait, I almost forgot about Pac Man - I still love that game! ;)

Anyway, I was 80s all the way. I hate to admit it, but Cindy Lauper and Madonna were a couple of my favorite singers back then. Seems like yesterday I was singing "Material World" at the top of my lungs and walking the catwalk to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Which brings me to a few more of my old Halloween costumes. I remember trying to dress up as a punk rocker lots of times. However, I'm going to have to say my attempts rank as epic fails. (Which is probably a good thing.)

Pretty tame punk rocker as a 4th grader here. Picture is very fuzzy, but I am wearing a lace glove on one hand and my hair has hot pink washable dye in it. Blows my mind that my own daughter is the same age now as I was then. THANKFULLY she has zero desire to dress up as a punk rocker or any other super star.

I think I'm in 6th grade here. Except for the too-short skirt, still pretty tame. Hideous perm days. Bleh.

I think I am in 7th grade here. I really have no idea what image I was going for. Looks like a throw-something-together-at-the-last-minute costume. I'm noticing now that my clown sister was this close to smearing lipstick on my jean jacket!

I do think dressing up is fun. I would've loved to dress up alongside my kids over the years, but dressing up costs $! (And I didn't have a lot of time or energy to be frugally creative.) It was more important to me that my kids were having fun. If I had some elf ears right now though, I could probably pull off going to our harvest festival as a LOTR elf. Well, I'd probably need this, too. :)

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