Friday, October 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday ~ Our first October in Arizona

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I know. It's not Thursday. I've been so busy, and I am just now getting this posted. I couldn't bear to call it Froback Friday, though.

October of 2006 - our first month of living in Arizona. All I can remember is thinking how swelteringly hot and unOctoberish it felt. Well, that and the fact that I was excited about our new venture but missing familiarity, friends, and family back home.

We spent our first 5 months living at my mom's house. Boy, those were some fun, crazy, sad, stressful months! We made it though, and here are a few pics from that October that feels like yesterday and so long ago all at the same time. So sweet looking back at these precious little faces!!

Made some festive chocolates on sticks.

There's just something about cute little pumpkins and baby feet all in the same picture. ;)
Carving silly faces.

Enjoying our very sweaty day at Schnepf Farms. Little did I know then that we'd end up living right next to this place.

Making festive wormy punch.

Seriously, my heart is about to melt down to my toes right now. So cute! Poor thing - it was probably an oven in that costume.
Hard to believe that this is our 8th October of AZ living. I've grown to love Arizona again (I lived here from birth to 9 years old), but October will always be the hardest month for me. I'm thankful for cooler mornings and evenings, but it is still SO incredibly hot during the day. Plus, I long for turning leaves and crispy air. I feel a Prescott day trip coming up, hopefully.

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