Friday, December 05, 2014

America's Best Main Street

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No trip back to Tennessee would be complete without visiting the Collierville Town Square which was recently voted as "America's Best Main Street." This place holds countless memories for me and my family.

I remember my family shopping in some of the antique stores here when I was a kid. I didn't enjoy the shopping so much then, but I liked going into the store with all the cats. When I got a little older, I'd walk to the Square with my friends and buy candy in the store that had an original soda fountain. I loved attending the annual Fair on the Square in May (I think) and watching the Christmas parade in December. We even attended the beautiful white church on the corner for a while. I think it serves mostly as a little museum and restaurant now.

I know it's not the building that matters, but oh how I sometimes wish I went to a building that looked like this every Sunday!

My boys have special Collierville Town Square Memories, too. Mullin LOVED trains, so we'd come here and look at the trains. We even celebrated his 3rd birthday on one of the train cars. Of course the theme was Thomas the Train! Grandpa (my dad) would take the boys to story time on the train and they'd eat at Café Grill quite a bit. They had amazing fried dill pickles!

Shops filled with Christmas glitz and glam were a feast for the eyes! I think I'd like to have a tree in my bedroom like the one pictured below. :) Every time I see a nutcracker I think of Lincoln since he likes them so much. Loved the bright colors on this one and the had that could open - never seen one like that before. Didn't buy it, though. Actually, we were good and didn't buy anything! Tempting for sure.

This place is definitely a quaint spot full of character and simple beauty. Glad we went, and glad Shiloh now knows what we are talking about when we talk about the Collierville Town Square.

A Collierville trip isn't complete without driving by my old house that I grew up in. I was probably in fifth or sixth grade when we moved into this house, and I left when I married Mark. :)

Goodbye Collierville. Until our next visit . . .

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