Monday, December 15, 2014

Classic Gingerbread Cookie Cut Outs {Recipe}

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My hubby likes gingerbread men. No frosting. Just classically plain and simple. And they really do have a holidayish feel to them, don't they? I've used a couple of different recipes, but this one is my favorite. The recipe is very easy to make. The dough rolls out well, and cutting out shapes is a snap. Major Christmas baking plus right there! (I can't say these things about my Prize Sugar Cookies, though.)
Tiny gingerbread men make perfectly festive cupcake toppers, too! We took these yummy creations to our homeschool Christmas party. They were totally adorable until my oldest son said it looked like the gingerbread men had been shot with their guts spilling out all over the place. Boys.
My daughter crushed red hots for sprinkling the tops of the cupcakes. Gave the vanilla cake and buttercream frosting a little cinnamon zip!
We've also used these little gingerbread men to adorn gingerbread houses, but we didn't make any this year. Of course, it's always fun to give them frosting faces and cookie decoration buttons. :)


B is 4 said...

Now I want to make some gingerbread cookies! That's a great idea to use them as toppings for the cupcakes. Visiting from Try a New Recipe Tuesday. :)

Brandi said...

Thanks, Bernadyn! If you make them, I hope you all think they are yummy. :)


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