Thursday, December 04, 2014

TBT: Shiloh's 1st Christmas

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Awww. Seems like forever ago we celebrated our first Christmas with our last baby. Shiloh's 9 now. (Sob) Thank goodness she's still into a few little girl things like stuffed animals!

2005 would be her first and last tender Tennessee Christmas . . . (The rest of her Christmases have been in the desert so far.)

That Christmas was extra fun with 2 babies! Shiloh's cousin was just a few months younger, and thanks to Paw, they were all decked out in Mr. and Mrs. Claus attire! :)

The cuteness is killing me. Love this girl!!!! What sweet memories - well, except for ALL the crying she did that day and every day. Oh, the joys of motherhood with cranky babies. ;)

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