Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Aromas With Essential Oils

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Artificial scents and most perfumes tend to bother me. I get headaches and/or my nose gets stuffy. An alternative that works for me for the holidays and everyday are essential oils.

I typically use Young Living oils, and I use them exclusively for internal use. However, in order to be able to afford to make my house smell Christmasy using my diffuser, I browsed the internet for some other essential oil companies. I ordered 3 oils from Plant Guru: vanilla, frankincense, and myrrh and one oil from Eden's Garden: cinnamon.

I already had Young Living peppermint on hand since that is one of my absolute favorites! I use it quite frequently. I also recently received Young Living pine in the mail. In fact, as I am writing this post, I am diffusing a peppermint/pine mixture which smells like a candy cane forest!

Both non Young Living companies have worked out just fine for diffusing. The cinnamon and vanilla blend well together and create a wonderful Christmas aroma. Frankincense has always been a favorite, and I am even using that one in my skincare routine. Every so often I mix a drop of oil in my face moisturizer. This was the first time I had ever smelled myrrh; it reminds me of black licorice a little bit but not as strong. I haven't diffused this one because the smell doesn't wow me and it's a little thicker than the other oils. I am currently finding other uses for it. :)

I really loved that Eden's Garden sent a detailed product guide with my order. The guide explains who they are and why they are able to sell their oils for amazing prices and how they give back to the community. They claim that all of their oils are therapeutic grade as well. An included insert contained 101 Ways To Use Essential Oils.

I am completely happy with my holiday essential oil purchase! If you're looking for all natural scents for Christmas, see the links above and order yours today!

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