Saturday, September 29, 2007


Pin It Now! Just checking to see if this works


Carrie said...

Love it! The signature looks very you!

You asked about my sidebar last week and I never responded. You just go to the template tab (you'll see it when you're writing a new post) and click add new page element. You can add html or pictures or tons more things.

Staci said...

So, I'm sitting here looking at your blog, trying to decide if we should go to church this morning. The obvious answer is "no", considering Kaiya was coughing all night and has a rather disgusting shade of green coming out her nose. However, it's so tempting because, not only do I really want/need to be there, Kaiya really wants to see Shiloh! She's standing right by me shouting Shiloh's name. "There's Shiloh!" Except it sounds more like "Ders SiWoh!".

Anyway, we probably won't be there. :(

I missed talking with you this week. We finally got all of our stuff out of storage and moved into my SIL's house. And now...

We may be putting an offer in on a house today! :)

I'll try to call you tomorrow. Do you have a time that's best?

Take care,



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