Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Pin It Now! I don't even really get overly excited about the weekends. The kids do--no school. Mark does--no work and sleeping in. I still have to get up before Venus disappears and my list of chores that have been piling up over the week is waiting for me. I am glad for a teaching break, but gotta plan for next week's lessons. Fortunately this doesn't take too long b/c I plan most of the lessons over the summer. Saturday morning cartoons just aren't the same either. There is a new Carebear cartoon that is so cute, though. Sometimes on Saturdays I look around to find that the kids have vanished leaving me all by myself to watch tv. It is really sad when the kids are calling from downstairs, "Daddy, hurry! You're gonna miss That's So Raven!" Hannah Montana's not so bad either!! I used to watch Billy Ray on Doc. I think I am the only one who watched that show.


Unknown said...

YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! Now I know why I do not like weekends much myself. I don't get that time off! I never thought about it, mostly cause I had no time, but now that I have...oh boy!

T-Bone said...

good news! it's only tuesday. =) I dont look forward to weekends either. Mostly because I work all weekend. And those are my long shifts.


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